General Process

Tech Systems Assessment

There is a 106% you are spending too much on your technologies. We will review all your systems, find the weak points, shore them up, and save you on average $1,500 per person annually.

Technology Acquisition

Fun Fact: 37% of employee software is never opened, and 50% of software features are rarely-to-never used. Most technology overspending happens at the acquisition stage (especially if you are not a tech person). Securing our services to find just the tools you need (and no more) will pay you huge dividends down the road.

Software Configuration and Training

Too many organizations fail to use their technologies to their full potential. Let us handle configuration and training to make sure you are maximizing your productivity from the beginning. Set up a discovery call to get started.

Application Development

Using freelancers to build your team’s custom app is a bit like building a house without a general contractor. Let us take on the risk and manage the process from start to finish. Book a discovery call to talk options.

Hourly Consulting

Whether you need an expert to review your plans or guide your team through a brainstorming session, we provide hourly consulting on a sliding scale. Book a call to talk options.

  • 1. Discovery Period

    We always start with a free 30 minute discovery call. Followup questions will vary by need and potential project.

  • 2. Project Proposal

    We put together a comprehensive proposal for each project, including scope, deliverables, and cost estimates. We stick to those estimates. We invoice for each milestone. You do not pay until you are satisfied with our progress.

  • 3. Reporting

    We present our findings and recommendations to appropriate stakeholders.

Money Back Guarantee

If our savings estimates do not exceed our service costs, we refund you the difference.

Book a call for more information.